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Family Care Community Partnerships (FCCPs) are 

the Department of Children, Youth and Families’ primary

prevention resource for the state. FCCPs partner with 

families and communities to raise healthy children in 

a safe, caring environment. 


Every family hopes their children will be safe, happy 

and productive members of society. Sometimes, 

behavior or emotional problems, troubles in school 

or with the law, or family life in general put kids at risk 

of ever achieving the life we envision for them.


The way kids get help in times like these has been 

transformed. Barriers to services are coming down, 

and families are being given a voice, a choice, and a 

shared responsibility for changing the course of their 

children's lives.


The Department recognizes that all families struggle from time to time and need supports they can turn to when they need assistance.  The Family Care Community Partnership brings community-based service providers, family members and friends together to build a stronger, brighter future for your family. Whether coping with issues at school or at home, the Family Care Community Partnership can assist you with a plan to meet the needs of your family.


Your family may be eligible to receive free assistance 

through FCCP’s WRAPAROUND services if you:


             Have children, birth to age 18, who have emotional and/or behavioral health challenges;

             Have difficulties communicating or getting along with each other;

             Have been impacted economically and are struggling with housing or getting basic needs met;

             Feel overwhelmed and are experiencing significant stress.

Working Together to Strengthen Families

Serving families throughout Rhode Island.

FCCP Map of RI

Click on the arrow coming from your home town area to be directed to the website of the FCCP agency that provides services in your community or, match the map outline color to the agency below.


Helpful Information:



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