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  • Lobsang Chunzom, MA

Youth on the Edge of Anxiety

Young people walk on the edge of anxiety all day. As a new school year begins, holidays quickly approach, and the pandemic continues, emotions are all over the place. Families have experienced changes to their everyday way of life amid this pandemic. Anxiety is high with the individual and with the family, which spreads anxiety to the community.

Now is a time to support each other to achieve personal goals and to strengthen society.

Step #1

Identify the Problem; what do I feel

Decide what you want, in one short sentence.

Write one short sentence to describe the concerns of self and family. Decide on one emotion or feeling you want to change. “I want to end anxiety.”

The family gathers together to express their concerns and what makes them feel anxious – (creative activities helps to identify the problems).

Step #2

Look for Similarity; someone like me

Find someone who experiences similar emotions or challenges as you and design a clear plan to determine where and how you’re going to help them. “Today I’m going to talk for 15 minutes with someone who wants peace of mind (share ideas to lessen anxiety, find peace in life). Every idea you may have to help someone, is worthy.

Step #3

Just do it!

Once a week get together with someone who is struggling like you, and inspire them to have more peace, calm and hope. Share and help each other on a regular basis.

When we are anxious or depressed about our lives you may at first think, “What could I possibly do to help someone when I am not feeling so great myself?” Start with strong intentions and just try to help as much as you can. You’re just a friend, trying to help and support a friend.

Step #4

Evening Reflection

This step is the most important. While relaxing together in the evening, embrace a contemplative mood that reflects the helpful, supportive interactions you had with others. The more details you can remember, the faster and stronger results will come. Thinking about something good that’s happening in your life, rather than problems—is a great meditation at the end of the day, and a great foundation to sleep better and wake up refreshed, ready to start a new day.

Lobsang Chunzom is a Buddhist nun and a worldwide teacher of meditation and philosophy in the Je Tsongkapa tradition. She is the founder of Limitless Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with other caring organizations in NYC to help people experience the link between their own health and happiness and how they care for others.

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